Zoho Site24x7 Integration With Commando.io

Today we are going to demo how to run commands automatically on servers triggered from a Zoho Site24x7 monitor. Site24x7 allows you to configure an array of monitors such as website, DNS, port, POP, SMTP, SSL, FTP, and SOAP. The marriage of Site24x7 and Commando.io allows you to automatically respond to outage events and trigger executions on servers.

The recipe we are going to execute is a simple bash script that restarts php-fpm. You can expand on this and write more complicated recipes. As a reminder, you may write recipes in bash, perl, python, ruby, go, node.js and can even inject arguments at execution.

Pricing for Site24x7 starts at $9 a month and $12 a month for Commando.io. Below is a short video walkthrough, so sit back grab some popcorn and start automating your infrastructure today!